The History

This Grade 2 listed building, which first opened in 1907, was actually earmarked for closure before a £1 million renovation package was put together and completed in 2010.

Built in 1906, this Carnegie building (i.e. one of over 2,500 libraries built worldwide with money donated by Scottish-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie) had fallen into significant disrepair as it suffered with damp and dry rot. The West wing had even been closed to the public due to damage resulting from an arson attack.

The slate roofs consisted of the East and West wing "up-and-over" roofs linked by the central core with faceted elevations, joined by close-mitred hips and open lead valleys.

The central spire, a major feature of the building, was also included in that the vertical slate hanging was replaced, again with close-mitred external angles.

The flat roofs and parapet gutters (finished with a single ply membrane) and the rainwater goods (all renewed with cast aluminium) were also added to our package meaning we were able to offer a multi-discipline service and ease the burden on the main contractor.

We concluded the work with a final account value in excess of £85,000.