We shall endeavour to:
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice.
  • Control and minimise waste materials through careful and considerate project management.
  • Provide staff training and communication to encourage an environmentally aware workforce.
  • Source and use products and materials with the highest BREEAM ratings wherever possible.
  • Source insulation products with a proven track record for recycling.
  • Return pallets to respective suppliers for re-use, where possible.
  • Purchase timber only from sustainable FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified sources.
  • Re-use paper for internal documents.
  • Separate waste to enable recycling e.g. hardcore, timber, cardboard, metals and general waste.
  • Encourage the re-use of salvaged materials – slates, tiles, ridge tiles, etc.
  • Ensure that the Company central heating boiler will be regularly serviced to maximise energy efficiency.
  • Ensure that all lighting will be provided by low energy/high efficiency products wherever possible.
  • Ensure that the Company vehicle fleet will be regularly serviced and properly maintained.
  • Ensure that the Company vehicle fleet will be diesel powered to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Ensure that the Company vehicle fleet is speed restricted to further maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Review this policy to ensure continuous compliance, relevance, development and improvement wherever possible.

M. Camilleri and Sons Roofing Ltd. is committed to a policy that will lead to the minimising of any adverse impact upon the environment and on the quality of life of the local communities, which are resultant from our activities. The company recognises the need to comply with all legislation, especially that which serves to protect the environment. The company will endeavour to utilise policies and procedures that will ensure conservation of natural resources whilst minimising any adverse environmental impact from our roofing operations. Conservation of our natural resources must begin with waste reduction and recycling.

The Company will strive to ensure that any adverse impact on the environment of quality of life is minimised during the company's activities and will include where possible the storage, transportation and disposal of products and waste. We will endeavour to keep waste to a minimum and where possible segregate waste for recycling, using only competent and authorised waste management companies for disposal. Noise is a pollutant and we will strive to keep it to a minimum wherever and whenever we are working.

We will aim to continually monitor environmental issues and endeavour to improve our performance in line with current best practice. The effectiveness of thispolicy will be monitored on a regular basis, with a formal review annually. The policy will be revised as appropriate to reflect any changes in legislation and in particular to maintain its effectiveness in protecting the environment in respect of our roofing activities. All employees will be made aware of this policy and it is available to our clients as necessary. This policy will be clearly displayed in the office. This ethos is supported from a Board level and is maintained throughout our workforce, as good environmental practice is easily associated with good business practice.