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Technology has obviously helped to increase the speed and efficiency of many operations within the construction industry. Our embracement of this ethos has resulted in a number of in-house capabilities, which we feel sets us apart from our competitors:

We are able to accept files via email, CDs, DVDs or USB memory sticks in any of the major CAD file formats. These files can be reviewed and, if necessary, marked up/amended in order for details to comply with current British Standards, manufacturers' recommendations and best practice. We have in-house CAD operators who, in addition to carrying out drawing amendments, can also create detail solutions from scratch in an industry recognised format.

We have the facility to plot CAD files in any size up to A1 in order to distribute hard copies to our personnel, for measurement or other purposes.

This enables instant communication from our clients, removing the inherent delays of postage.

eROOF is a bespoke roof estimating package which has been written solely for our use. The software covers all of the major pitched roof finishes from natural slates, fibre cement slates, concrete and clay tiles. It also covers the two main slate and tile support liner systems.

This software enables us to efficiently produce bills of quantities and materials abstracts in a matter of minutes. This can be as low as 10% of the time required to manually produce these documents. All schedules generated are in full compliance with the requirements of BS 5534:2014 as well as all respective manufacturers' recommendations.

This efficiency enables us to offer more quotation options to meet clients' budget requirements as well as ensuring that our estimating is carried out accurately, to the correct standards and to the required deadlines.

This software is not available to any other roofing contractor, anywhere.